PT. Fadzkuruni came from a concept to establish a highest standard services of medical product device to the client, We established on May 01, 2oo6. Now that we have completed ten successful years in business, we would like to thank all clients for providing us with another year of outstanding growth. Our company and our medical devices are registered and has a license to operate from the Ministry of Health Department Republic of Indonesia. All product supplied has very high and newest quality product device and has quality certification from its country from FDA Approved, CE Mark etc. We as well prioritize the quality of service, we gave highest service in delivery, time precision, and warranty of after sales service. Currently we are focusing in field of Plastic Surgery (aesthetic surgery and reconstruction surgery), Orthopedic, Oncology, Obgyn, Dermatology, Cardio and Thoracic Surgery, Neurology Surgery, Urology, ENT, General Surgery.


PT. Fadzkuruni

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